Vehicle Wash & Sheet, Pink, 50 PAK-ITs/Tub


  • Pre-measured portion PAK-IT®s each create up to five gallons of Vehicle Wash & Sheet for exterior vehicle washing, requiring no drying!
  • No need to cut, tear or open—simply add a few inches of cold, warm or hot water into a bucket, drop in 1 PAK-IT® allowing two minutes to dissolve, then fill with water allowing the fill to mix and create foaming.
  • Formulation designed to reduce time spent drying vehicle by water sheeting off vehicle when hosed rather than beading and creating dust spots.
  • This small tub creates 250 gallons of vehicle wash in under two minutes at a fraction of the cost of traditional car wash products.
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Concentrated vehicle wash formula engineered to provide a great clean while dramatically reducing time drying and buffing the vehicle. Simply wash vehicle and rinse with a hose. The water will sheet off rather than bead thereby eliminating dry dust spots. Ideal for both auto and manual car wash. When you need a good clean in a hurry such as rental car agencies, fleet management, transit authorities, county and municipal vehicles and dealerships, then Wash & Sheet is a must! 1 PAK-IT® per 5 gallons.


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